Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)

MIS joint replacement and spinal surgery offers important advantages, requiring smaller incisions and potentially causing less trauma, shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and less scarring than traditional techniques.

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Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS)

Computer-assisted technology has made it possible for your orthopaedic specialist to navigate joint replacement procedures and spinal procedures with a level of accuracy so precise it may improve the results of your surgery.

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Total Joint Replacement (TJR)

Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which certain parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced with an artificial joint, which is designed to move just like a healthy joint.

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Patient Testimonials


My left and right hip replacements have given me back my life. I was concerned I would never walk normally again or play golf. My hip replacements have given me essentially no pain with ability to walk, stand, sit, and even sleep comfortably. I can perform all the activities of my daily life and I have been able to return to work without medication. My legs are equal in length, I don’t limp, and I no longer require shoe inserts. Although my surgeries were quite a journey I would unquestionably do them over again. In short, I feel like me again.

Larry W


My name is Ron H. I am a runner – well not really – I’m a jogger, and a slow one at that. But I’ve been jogging for over 40 years. Maybe that’s how I wore out my knee: cartilage virtually gone; bone-on-bone; great pain; pain even in routine daily activity.

I visited Dr. Stambough to seek relief. He said “I can get rid of that pain.” And he did! Within four months of a total knee replacement, I was jogging again and without pain!

Thank you Dr. Stambough.
Ron H.


Because of a work place injury I have been in pain for over thirty years. The pain was down my legs and numb tingly feet. I had pain radiating to my upper back. The pain was so greater it was hard to concentrate on anything. I was seeing a pain management Doctor of Medicine. After surgery the pain down my legs and feet were gone.

It had been six weeks since my surgery, I still have some pain at the incision site but every day I can feel myself getting better. I am already trying to stop taking meds that I have been taking for over thirty years.

I am looking forward to see what like will be like without thinking how much is this going to hurt. In some ways it’s scary. I can not wait to hike into the back country or walk a place like New York or maybe dance.

I wish I had this surgery years ago.

Larry P


I thank god for your skill and care giving me a return to an pain free life. Even the initial post-operative pain was overcome in the recovery room; the nerve pain in my leg was also gone and hasn’t returned.

Carefully following your instructions. I would see healing progressing every day! I am enjoying returning to my family, my house, and my yard work.

Thank you,
Linda B.